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Updated: May 8, 2022

Happy Thursday!

I cannot begin to express how energized and pumped up I am to be contributing to America's Tribune! I have known Dave for many years now. Even back in 2007 when I was a 21-year-old stud ground pounding in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne, Dave and I would have conversations about the things that were taking place overseas. Due to my commitments to the Army, I was unable to really do anything on film or even put my own face to any article. I have always been behind the scenes though.

I would spend hours in my barracks room studying Religion, Politics and the Constitution while I was stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany. In between training, 2 deployments, online college courses and drunken soldier adventures. I have always been in tune with the political spectrum. Religion is another story. I am indeed a Norse Pagan. I did, however, grow up in the Church of Christ. But that is neither here nor there. Religion is also one of those things that I pride myself on being knowledgeable of. Including scripture. And biblical history.

After my second tour to Afghanistan. I tried to set up a website for combat footage out of my barracks room. I called it Scout the Obvious. A play on my job as a U.S Cavalry Scout. My goal was to put a military face with the situations our men and women face in combat. I felt like mainstream media did us a sad injustice.

One of those videos made it over to Funker350 on YouTube. Which has over 4 million views! Of course, I was still serving. So, I could not keep the site running. Nor could I give Funker350 a proper interview. You can check it out here.

I have done many things over the course of the years to remain politically involved. I am a staunch Constitutionalist. And know that document like the back of my hand. I spent a lot of time talking to people as an Active-Duty Recruiter in the Army for 4 years. So, talking and writing really are not new to me. I spent a lot of time in organized Patriot movements when I retired from the Army in 2015. To include being a founding member and National Leader of The Three Percent Republic. A movement that I left a few years ago because of the inability they had to remain relevant, organized and consistent. The platitudes and false dichotomies got the best of me.

Long story short, here I am now. I have had people ask me for years to do something like this. But I have always refrained due to the nature of most content creators. I never liked the attention seeking nature most of them cling to. Nor did I like the fact that they always have someone else pulling the strings. I am a gloves off and no filter kind of guy. The disgruntled veteran who knows his shit.

So, I finally decided to go all in a little over 2 weeks ago. And I set up my pages on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Steadily progressing with better video editing software and livestream programs to push solid but controversial content. Which is why Dave decided to pull me in.

Over the course of the next few days. I will be pulling some of the content from the last couple of weeks and re-posting it here. So be prepared for a large influx of old but new content. And hopefully it reaches most of you!

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In the meantime....

Get ready for a massive influx of content coming out of THE PATRIOT EDDA!

Edda- either of two 13th-century Icelandic books, the Elder or Poetic Edda (a collection of Old Norse poems on Norse legends) and the Younger or Prose Edda (a handbook to Icelandic poetry by Snorri Sturluson). The Eddas are the chief source of knowledge of Scandinavian mythology.

-The Patriot Edda-

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