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The Proof Everyone Is Looking For and Why Trump Will be Victorious

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

So everyone is looking for the proof that there was widespread fraud in this election. Republicans argue that there was fraud, democrats argue that there is no proof. According to what both sides are saying, they are both correct. Here is where the proof is and why I believe Donald Trump will be named the president for the next 4 years, overturning media PREDICTIONS of a Biden presidency.

First, we have widespread fraud ALLEGATIONS. Allegations are not proof, but can be submitted as evidence in the form of affidavits. The Trump administration has hundreds of these affidavit reports of irregularities from all of the largest democrat run cities in each of the states in question.

Giuliani will use these to open the case with the court. Once the judge sees these affidavits, he will grant a trial. In the trial, the witnesses will be called to testify about what they witnessed. Many of the witness testimonies will support what others are saying, and they will do so even across state lines to show eventually, a probable coordinated effort to rig the election.

These witness testimonies will be for the purpose of granting access to the actual ballots themselves to be audited for irregularities. This is something that, although counted and recounted, a legal audit was not completed on each ballot verifying signatures according to state laws, which require a member of each party to be present during the opening of the ballot. This was done in all other counties in each state respectively, except the biggest cities in the state where democrats controlled the poll. This is also a violation of the 14th Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause.

Once the audit is allowed, signatures will be verified and it is in this process where we will find the "PROOF" that everyone is looking for. Not until this process is followed will we get our proof of voter fraud.

The other part of the case is going to expose the voter software being used and the conflict of interest in the developers of the software. An example is the Smartmatic software which was created in 2017 specifically for Nancy Pelosi and the Los Angeles county, as well as other areas around the country. Smartmatic was smart in issuing ownership of the software to the people of Los Angeles, limiting their liability from a legal case.

Once the media decided to make their prediction of Joe Biden being president-elect, Biden then selected the chairman of the board of Smartmatic for a spot in his administration. Although this is not illegal, it adds to the speculation that something may have been put in the software to play with vote counts.

Other areas that will be explored are the moments when the Trump administration saw their vote totals go backwards, while seeing the Biden totals jump by the same number. This leads one to believe there was a vote switching command built into the software that switched Trump votes to Biden votes. This was already discovered in one county where 6000 Trump votes were mistakenly recorded as Biden votes. Many people have been saying that this happened with the Dominion software, which was being used in all of the swing states in the cities run by democrats as well as in 28nstates around the country.

Now, for the final note. There was recently a shuffling of the areas that each supreme court Justice rules over. The shuffle, heavily favors Trump. In the swing states where Trump has his lawsuits, the Supreme Court Justice presiding over those areas is conservative.

If these court cases do not produce a winner by inauguration day on January 20, 2021, and the states do not certify their totals, the House of Representatives then gets to vote on the president per the 12th Amendment. At first thought, you would think this favors Biden, but not the way the rules are setup. You see, each state only gets one vote and it depends on which party controls that state in the house. This also favors Trump, 26-23. So, get ready for 4 more years people!


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David Rooslet III
David Rooslet III
Dec 17, 2020

I agree. The election results are still to come. Lets keep praying!


Larry Stephenson
Larry Stephenson
Nov 28, 2020

I don’t care what the election results are saying. I think the democrats rigged the election so Biden would win. You can’t turn the economy around like president Trump did and no war for 4 years and elect someone who didn’t even get out of his basement during a pandemic with a cure in record timing. It just doesn’t make since.

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