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Tom Brady and his fake retirement

Ok, so by now most people know that Tom Brady has come out of retirement and is happy to be a Buc once again. However, there is much more to the story than you might know, involving the Dolphins, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores and Tom Brady himself.

Let’s start with Tom Brady, his stats from last year and why many say he IS the GOAT and that’s the end. Tom Brady is now 44 years old, but despite that led the NFL in Passing Yards (5,316), Touchdowns (43), Passing Attempts (785), and Passing Completions (419) in 2021. He has 7 Superbowl titles, and 5 SB MVP’s to go with it. He’s also been season MVP 3 times and been selected to the pro-bowl 15 times.

Now, let’s talk about the plot. On February 1st Tom Brady announces his retirement. That same day Brian Flores, former Dolphin Head Coach, filed a lawsuit against the Giants, Broncos and Dolphins. The lawsuit is claiming that all three teams violated the Rooney Rule, which says that teams must interview a certain number of minority candidates when interviewing for new coaching staff.

In late February Pro Football Talk(PFT) broke the story that Tom Brady never intended to retire, but instead was going to become part owner of the Dolphins. From there they would hire Sean Payton as Head Coach, circumventing the Rooney Rule, and then Tom Brady would come out of retirement. However, Tom Brady is under contract until 2023 and would need his player rights traded back from Tampa Bay. Presumably the Bucs would quietly negotiate those rights to the Dolphins, as Brady would be part owner of the Dolphins and why would you want the owner of another team being the QB for yours.

Enter Sean Payton’s retirement from the Saints. Something no one saw coming, except likely those within the Saints organization. Furthermore, the Saints also refused to let the Dolphins speak with him, as Payton is under contract with the Saints until the end of the 2024 season. Because of that, the Dolphins would have had to negotiate a trade from them before seeing if Payton would even be interested. Sean Payton did say that he heard the rumors and that the intermediaries were talking but nothing more than that.

Here’s a link to an episode of my show The Boiling Point Podcast episode where Mizpah and I discuss the situation as well as talk about some off-season moves made by NFL teams.

Couple Sean Payton’s retirement with Brian Flores’ lawsuit and the whole deal fell apart. Tom Brady announced he wasn’t retiring and that he was happy to be a Buc. The Dolphins hired Mike McDaniel who said Tua Tagavailoa is the Dolphins starting QB, and the NFL is happy to keep as much as Brian Flores lawsuit quiet as they possibly can amidst growing investigations.

I seriously doubt there will be any repercussions against Tom Brady or the Dolphins outside of the Brian Flores lawsuit, which is ongoing at this point. I will do another story on the Brian Flores lawsuit as more information comes out. Please click the links and check out my show The Boiling Point Podcast on Rumble, YouTube, Facebook & Parler. Please check all my links at the bottom of the page.

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