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US Bio Labs Part 3 airs tonight at 7pm EST

Updated: May 8, 2022

Part 3 of my 4-part coverage of US Bio Labs will air on YouTube and Rumble tonight at 7pm!

If you have not done so. I encourage you to check out parts 1 and 2 on YouTube and Rumble. Links to those accounts posted below. Here are the notes for tonight's video. With references.

What we already know

  • The US had a biological weapons program that operated at Fort Detrick from 1943-1969

  • We know that the facility rebranded itself as a “biological defense” program and remained at Fort Detrick

  • We know that the United States carried out experiments on American citizens without their consent. Tuskegee Experiments, Subway Experiments in New York, The San Fransisco experiment, Operation Ranch Hand.

  • We know that the United States is still using Chemical weapons. White Phosphorus

  • We know one of the old facilities used to stockpile weapons is being used as a gated and guarded National Wildlife Refuge

  • We know in depth what the facility at Fort Detrick covers and who their counterparts are

  • We know the U.S put a bio lab in the country of Georgia during the Maidan Revolution. And why it's important to the current Ukraine/Russia conflict.

  • We know who funds and operates that lab

Multiple reports show that the United States does in fact have roughly 25-30 Biolabs inside of Ukraine. As much as I am not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard. She begs some serious questions in her video regarding this topic. There are 25+ US-funded biolabs in Ukraine - YouTube

  • The U.S spoke in front of the U.N Security Council and confirmed that Biolabs do indeed exist in Ukraine. And have for quite some time. They're just not “biological weapons facilities.”

US retorts Russia's biological claims in Ukraine - YouTube

  • She then goes on to state that there are roughly 300 Biolabs operated by the United States around the world. As shown in part 2. Some of those locations are within the Washington D.C metroplex and surrounding areas. With special emphasis on Fort Detrick Maryland being the epicenter of these facilities and research.

  • Once again. Fort Detrick was part of our biological weapons program. But in 1969 established itself as “bio defense” after the programs were “halted” by Richard Nixon. 166. Statement Issued by President Nixon, November 25, 1969

Before we dive any deeper into the labs in Ukraine. I have a really logical question that it seems no one else has really asked. WHAT IS GAIN OF FUNCTION? And why TF is THAT not considered biological weapons research! Did we forget that for 2 years we were lied to about the NIH funding the lab in Wuhan for gain of function research? Well.....Let’s look at what gain of function actually is.

  • Gain of function research explained (

  • Per the article. “Gain of function research gives an organism a new property or enhances an existing one. The organism can be a virus, bacterium, fungus, rodent, bird, fish or anything that can be experimentally manipulated.

  • Now the author tries to dispel the idea that gain of function is used to make an organism more deadly. But, contradicts himself in a follow-on sentence. “That impression is incorrect. Certainly, GoF research might lead to a more dangerous organism, but most of the time that is not the goal.”

Now without going down the rabbit hole of diving solely into gain of function research (which I have indeed done) I will spare you the longevity required to cover such a topic. But if you want to take the leap. Here is the link, Alice. Directly from the NIH website.

So, what is the NIH? Again, another rabbit hole that would more than likely need a massive amount of time to listen to and reference. But they do have a website And YouTube Video The video is 6:40 long but the intro is the most important part to pay attention to. Because they describe what they do. They state that they explore:

  • The body’s cells

  • Decode its genes

  • Investigate its microbes

  • Test its potential to fight disease

  • Treat it when something goes wrong.

Test its potential to fight disease? Gain of function.

The NIH traces its roots to 1887 according to their website's history portion. But they also state that their beginning was back in 1798. Where it began as the Marine Hospital Service.

The important date to pay attention to however, is the National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006

  • NIH Reauthorization | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  • January 15th 2007 President Bush singed the National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006

  • Affirming the importance of NIH and its vital role in advancing biomedical research to improve the health of the nation.

  • Without going down too much of a rabbit hole. They were funded $30 Billion in FY 2007 and $32 Billion the following year in FY 2008.

So, 2006 under the Bush Administration they really became what they are now. But I want to focus on 1 individual. Due to recent events involving the ole (code word manipulation flu)

Francis Sellers Collins Francis Collins - Wikipedia

  • 16th Director of the NIH appointed on August 17th 2009 until December 19th 2021

  • Nominated by Obama on July 8, 2008

  • Francis Collins is a humans genetics expert that specializes in mapping and manipulating human DNA.