What Evidence Do We Have of Voter Fraud: A Breakdown by State

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Hello. If you are reading this, you are here for one of two reasons. Either you are a trump supporter looking for something to give you a little more hope, because the echo chamber media on the left has waged a campaign to suppress any information that may be in the presidents favor - OR - you are a communist whose agenda is nothing more than to bring down the dominance of the American culture using violence and Marxist tactics. If you don't find yourself in either of these categories, then you are probably in the latter and are in denial of what you support because you are the product of mockingbird brainwashing without even knowing it.

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, lets get down to what we can expect to be argued in the courts over the next several weeks. Please continue to check back to this article, as it will be updated with all sources and any new material. If you have any claims that we missed, please feel free to send us a message via Mewe, Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Instagram or Rumble.



  1. Alabama has counties with voter registration rates of over 100%



  1. Alaska has counties with voter registration rates of over 100%


Polling Place Irregularities

  1. Email from election official stressing issues with voters using sharpies

  2. Arizona voters sue Maricopa County over sharpie use at polling sites, as officials say votes will count

Discarded or Destroyed Ballots

  1. 18 mail-in ballots stolen from mail box

Unverified Claims

  1. 6,000 False Biden Votes Discovered. Ballot Count Upload "Error" in Arizona.

  2. Machine vote count discrepancy identified by election officials

  3. Nov 25th Court approved hearings for Trump team in Arizona on election concerns

  4. AZ ballots labelled 'cancelled'

  5. Sharpies forced on voters in AZ

  6. Stolen Ballots Were Found Under a Rock On Side Of Road In Glendale, AZ

  7. Open crates of Biden ballots in Biden supporter's car

  8. Maricopa County recorder: 0 votes reported for 4 hrs & 0 votes from Election Day

  9. Ballpoint Used Nov. 2, then Switched to Sharpie on Nov. 3

  10. Official Overseeing AZ Vote Count Tweeted About Trump’s “Neo-Nazi Base”

  11. FBI raids office in Phoenix, finds ballots

  12. Senate Bill 1135, allows elections officials to use “electronic adjudication”


Illegal votes

  1. 8,000 voter applications submitted by couple on behalf of homeless and the dead

Discarded or Destroyed Ballots

  1. Discarded ballots found outside ATM


  1. Court ruled Governor Newsom overstepped his authority. Docket 2:20-cv-01903-SPL.

  2. Service dog voted in 2020 election

  3. Woman Voted in TX Finds Record of Her Voting via Mail-in Ballot in CA

  4. LA Ballot box set on fire

  5. 2019 Dominion agreement with Santa Clara County allows manual tally adjustment

  6. Nov 12th - Mark Anthony Gonsalves charged with 18 felony counts of voter fraud

  7. Elected officials sign affidavits admitting fixing multiple elections


Illegal Votes

  1. 40 of Colorado's 64 counties have more voter registrations than voting age citizens


  1. Colorado voter rolls have been dirty for years. Judicial Watch suing

  2. Nursing Home Voter Ballot Fraud

  3. Colorado Secretary of State deleting dominion docs

  4. Delian project registered address the same as Dominion

  5. Shredded ballots found in dumpster



  1. Smartmatic - Sequioa - Hart Non Compete Agreement

  2. Dominion patent method with no security thresholds

  3. Documents reveal a non-compete agreement between Smartmatic and Dominion


Illegal Votes

  1. FL precinct reports more than 100% voter turnout due to UCF

Discarded or Destroyed Ballots

  1. Ballot envelopes visibly identify the voter's party affiliation


  1. 2 Florida men allegedly used device to fish out mail, mail-in ballots

  2. Fraudster attempts to register dozens of dead Democrats as voters in Broward

  3. In 3 minutes, Trump lost 22k votes in Florida on Fox News 1:41:30 to 1:44:18

  4. Election fraud was taking place in counties in Florida in 2016


Illegal Votes

  1. Rejected absentee ballots: 3.5% in 2018 to 0.3% in 2020 despite 500% more votes

  2. 132,000 "Change of Address" flags in single GA county

  3. 9,626 vote error discovered by recount monitor

  4. Biden's mail-in ballots dramatically fail Benford Test in Atlanta, all others pass

  5. 139 unexplained discrepancies in Clark County Commission race

  6. GA Secretary of State withholds ballot image from public viewing

Polling Place Irregularities

  1. Recount protocol breached by workers silently passing on ballots

  2. 2,600 new votes found in county's recount

  3. Recount monitors unable to track multiple tables with constant recount errors

  4. 9,000 ballot counting error caught by recount moderators

  5. 6 recount monitors witness batches of ballots appearing to me marked by machines

  6. 1 monitor for 10 tables of counters in recount

Discarded or Destroyed Ballots

  1. Found Navy ballot envelopes in the dumpster.

Voting Machine Irregularities

  1. Scanning results incorrect and officials unsure if it was hardware or software

  2. 2,755 ballots found on memory card by recount auditors

General Issues

  1. 2016: GA had evidence that DoHS IP address tried to hack voter database


  1. U.S. election postal ballots surprised Shunfeng Courier confirmed: from China

  2. Eric Coomer software changes in Georgia in September 2020

  3. 1,619 Votes SUBTRACTED from Trump in GA Live on CNN

  4. non-Trump supporter affidavit witnessed 20,000 Biden mail in votes

  5. Evidence Proves ‘Burst Water Pipe’ Used As Cover For Secret Vote-Counting

  6. Spalding County extends voting hours after issues with machines

  7. Georgia counties "Forgot to hit upload" on their results

  8. Election officials in Fulton county lie about closing for the night

  9. Election officials in Atlanta appear to be stuffing ballots on video

  10. Recent Georgia law has made it unreasonably difficult to check AB signatures

  11. Voters made to use sharpies to fill out ballots

  12. Chinese Mail Packages Full of Biden Votes Found in Atlanta Poll Station

  13. Georgia's new 2019 voting system susceptible to fraud

  14. All voting machines go down in one Georgia county

  15. Angry election worker sticks middle finger at ballot, and rips it up

  16. GA Vote "Observers" asked to stand far away but counters not "social distanced"

  17. Purported GA Recount Process Does Not Review Absentee Ballot Signatures

  18. GA recount voting worker calls 3 Trump votes for Biden and gets caught

  19. Auditor Claims Multiple Trump Ballots Fraudulently Called For Biden

  20. Democrats moving from California to Georgia just to vote in GA Runoff Election

  21. Edison data logs show 68K Trump votes lost or switched in GA

  22. Second Memory Card With 2,755 Votes Found During Georgia Election Audit

  23. David Shafer, Chairman, Georgia GOP: Vote count continued after observers left

  24. Clayton County precinct, Erica Johnston Not Following Rules outlined Affidavit

  25. Trial Lawyer and Registered Dem Noticed Irregularities w/ recount Dekalb County

  26. Suspicious Clean Ballots Biden only marking did not occur for Trump as well

  27. Gwinnett County Gross Violations; unsecured ballot boxes. Affidavit

  28. Pristine pre-printed ballots for Biden. Affidavit

  29. Inability to explain Floyd Cty 2700 lost votes & tightlipped Dominion employees

  30. Raffensperger on record data could be manipulated remotely

  31. Voting machines unsealed with wrong serial numbers

  32. Different vote scanners used for Democrat vs Republican ballots

  33. China’s Houston consulate a center of malign activity

  34. Odd Biden only Batches

  35. 9626 counting error favoring Biden

  36. Voting equipment found on side of road in GA

  37. Not 1 absentee ballot rejected for mismatch/missing DOB, address, or Oath

  38. Multiple outdated voting machines found dumped outside of Savannah

  39. Foreign company (Scytl) being used for storage and access of voting data

  40. Antifa Eric Coomer Sold Dominion to GA


Illegal Votes

  1. 19,888 counterfeit US drivers licenses from China seized by authorities

Voting Machine Irregularities

  1. Chicago Election Board approved remote work for non-essential employees


  1. US Postal Service Complicit in Election Ballot Scheme

  2. Dem-Socialist David Orr Illegally Gave DOMINION $32 Million Contract

  3. Illinois has counties with voter registration rates over 100%

  4. Dominion paper ballots tabulate via QR code, witness from Illinois prior



  1. Bins full of ballots found in a dumpster

  2. Bevin’s decreases 560 votes while Beshear’s increases exactly 560 points

  3. USPS worker charged with dumping ballots



  1. Maine has counties with voter registration rates over 100%


Voting Machine Irregularities

  1. Votes erased from memory card and story withheld from press


  1. Blatant voter fraud caught on camera with mail in ballots.

  2. Maryland has counties with voter registration rates over 100%


Illegal Votes

  1. 9,500 dead people returned mail in ballots

  2. Determining the legality of a ballot is optional for absentee counting boards

  3. 135 AVBC precincts have 0 registered voters, leaving 173k untraceable votes

  4. 17,327 mail-in ballots missing, never delivered by postal service

  5. 782 more votes than registered voters in Detroit from 2016 election