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What is in the Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act Part 2

Updated: May 8, 2022

If you have not had the chance to read part 1. I encourage you to do so. I have it posted on the website. With the correlating video. I will help tie this part together. Keep in mind that this was content I shared not too long ago before I joined Americas Tribune as a contributor.

Check out the video for an in-depth explanation on this part.

As I discussed in the last article, this aid package seems less like aid and more like a war preparation. And I stand firm on that belief. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read the contents of the bill and come to that conclusion.

In the first article and video, I had accounted for only roughly $6 billion of the proposed $13.6 Ukrainian Aid Package. Most of which went towards beefing up military operations.

I have now accounted for the full amount. And I remain just as pissed off.

Except it wasn’t $13.6 billion that I found. It’s more around almost $16 Billion.

So, let's get into the final portions of the bill that were discovered.

Page 1839

Revolving Management Funds- Defense working capital. $409 Million. To respond to the situation in Ukraine. (DOD already has funding in this bill?)

Page 1841

Department of Energy Programs-Department of Administration. $30 million. (Sounds good. Until you realize that this money is allocated to be transferred to help with the situation in Ukraine and not our own energy crisis.)

Financial Crimes Enforcement Network- $19 million. YET AGAIN FOR SALARIES AND EXPENSES. What does financial crimes have to do with aid to Ukraine. More specifically THEIR SALARIES?

Page 1844

United States Agency for International Development-Funds appropriated for THE PRESIDENT. $25 million. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPEMENT? This section mentions NOTHING of helping Ukrainians. So, it begs the question. Who is the President going to pay? Pro government officials? Salaries of those in office in Ukraine? Where is this money going?

Inspector General- $4 Million. With no mention of where and why those funds are needed. Keep in mind that the IG is getting $25 million to fund international and global media as well. Propaganda campaign.


Bilateral Economic Assistance-Funds appropriated to the President for International Disaster Assistance. $2.65 BILLION! To respond to humanitarian needs in Ukraine. AND COUNTRIES IMPACTED BY THE SITUATION IN UKRAINE. Ukraine is the one being attacked by Russia right now. So, I would love to hear why other nations need that aid when it specifically talks about food and shelter. Are you going to tell me refugees? That is also covered in this bill. Department of Defense? Also, covered. Humanitarian aid is good. Not when you give the President the funds do essentially do with as he pleases. And not when it goes towards a war that we helped provoke. Prove to me that money is going to go to Ukraine. Prove it.

Page 1845

Transition initiatives- $120 million. Transition into what? What the fuck does that even mean. And WHO or WHAT department is receiving those funds? That is like saying you're going to give money to charity and not list what charity you are donating to on your tax returns.

Economic Support Fund-Including transfer of funds. $647 million. Direct financial support is listed. Again. No who or why? Direct economic support to Ukraine? What about our own economy. And who is the government going to write this check to? Will we see the receipts? Rhetorical.

Assistance for EUROPE, EURASIA, and CENTRAL ASIA- $1.12 BILLION! For assistance related to programs for Ukraine AND OTHER COUNTRIES as outlined in Section 3 of the Support Freedom Act. Section 3 in a nutshell. Are former Soviet states independent of Russia. Including places that we have bases. Screenshot provided. But the most telling is the fact it specifically states that it is for the Support for East European Democracy Act of 1989(SEED). That’s right. Funding NATO and the European Union to spread democracy in Eastern Europe. We sure love to spread freedom and shit across the globe using force huh? Tax funded.

Page 1846

Department of State- Migration and Refugee Assistance. $1.4 BILLION! Keep in mind that the Department of State is already getting $125 million for SALARIES and EXPENSES. Wouldn’t this program be covered in expenses? Let's address the elephant in the room. What refugees and immigrants? You cannot tell me that they won't try to use this money to funnel immigration at our border to the south. And use Ukraine as an excuse to fund it. Is this a ploy to take in more refugees? They have been doing it for years? Again. Is this money going to Ukraine? Who and what?

International Security Assistance- Department of State (yet again) INTERNATIONAL NATCOTIS CONTROL AND LAW ENFORCEMENT! $30 Million. What the fuck does narcotics control have to do with Ukranian Aid? Law enforcement? Who’s laws? Ukraine has its own fucking laws. So, are we going to be paying Ukranian police?


PAGE 1850

ARMS EXPORT CONTROL ACT- $ 4 BILLION! FOUR BILLION DOLLARS TO FUNNEL ARMS AND AMMUNITION INTO UKRAINE. Now, explain to me why the fuck DOD needs the funding that they do. Plus adding 4 billion to funnel arms and ammunition into Ukraine. That’s right. Just like we did with the Maidan and Euro Maidan Revolutions. We are continuing to fund and arm the pro NATO nationalists in Ukraine. Their military and their law enforcement. Not only to take on Russia. No. Remember Donbass? That is right. These weapons will also be used against pro-Russian separatists in the East. We are funding not only the war against Russia. But the Civil War in Ukraine itself.

American isn't getting involved? Yet we are beefing up our military. Paying higher salaries to departments that have NOTHING to do with Ukraine. And funneling weapons and ammunition into the country. Where is the ACTUAL aid in this bill? Who the fuck is it going to? What Ukranian department is getting this humanitarian aid? We handing out bullets and MRE’s? In a war we provoked?

This is NOT an aid bill. It’s a bill to fund NATO and European expansion with American help and interests sprinkled on top! And I for one and TIRED of these bills being passed without any insight. And they approved it last night in the Senate! As I said they would.

I will more than likely go live again tonight to cover this final portion as well.

-The Patriot Edda-

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