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What we know about the Christmas Bombing in Nashville

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

For those of you who were watching the news on Christmas morning, you probably saw the chaos that engulfed the streets in Nashville Tennessee. An RV that was parked along one side of the road, had a recorded message playing from it warning people to evacuate the area. Then, it exploded into a massive fireball, damaging many of the structures around it. Here are some of the things we currently know about the event...

  1. The song "Downtown by Petula Clark" was playing from the speakers just before the RV exploded.

  2. The suspect, 63 year old Anthony Warner, died in the explosion.

  3. Suspected bomber's girlfriend warned Nashville police that Anthony Warner was building a bomb a year ago

  4. The RV was parked in front of the AT&T building on Second Avenue North.

  5. Warner was from Antioch, Tennessee

  6. The RV arrived and parked on Second Avenue North in front of the AT&T building at 1:22am (2:22am EST)

  7. Residents said they heard three series of gunshots around 5:30am

  8. Police arrived to find a white RV parked in front of the AT&T transmission building.

  9. The RV was broadcasting a recording of a message warning people of an explosion in 15 minutes.

  10. The recording said, "This vehicle has a bomb and will explode. Evacuate now."

  11. Police began to evacuate people from the area and blocked traffic around the area.

  12. It began to countdown every minute and at the 3 minute mark began playing the song Downtown.

  13. The bomb exploded around 6:30am.

  14. The explosion caused widespread outages in Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama

  15. Warner had recently given a car away and told someone close to him that he had cancer.

  16. Warner was an Information Technician Specialist in the Nashville area for several businesses.

  17. Warner sent an email to one company that he was contracted with on December 5th saying that he was retiring.

  18. The mayor was seen laughing about the explosion in an interview.

  19. The day before Thanksgiving, Warner transferred ownership of his Bakertown Road home to a woman in Los Angeles via a quitclaim deed for $0.

  20. Neighbors said the RV was parked outside the home for years.

  21. Weeks before the bombing, neighbors said Warner installed a gate in his fence and drove the RV into his backyard, claiming that someone was trying to break into it.

  22. Four days before the bombing, it was alleged that AT&T would be doing the forensic audits on the Dominion machines and that they were being transported to Nashville


The recording that was playing just before the explosion in Nashville.


Another recording being played just before the explosion in Nashville


Slow Motion video of the explosion in Nashville.


Police bodycam footage released from Nashville explosion


A look at the devastation caused by the explosion in Nashville


Mayor of Nashville laughing about the explosion in an interview

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