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When trouble calls, Americans make a mockery of themselves. The cults of political loyalty.

Updated: May 8, 2022


You learn some pretty valuable things when you read, research, and follow current events. At times it's often very enlightening.

The biggest lesson and most valuable take away?

Is learning how blatantly ignorant people in this country are. On both sides of the political spectrum.

This suspect in the NY Subway shooting further proves that. On the left you have people who legitimately don't even know that the suspect is black. And as soon as they hear that the suspect was taken into custody, make comments stating that if the shooter was black, he wouldn't have been taken alive. No surprise there. Alot of folks on the left didn't even know that NONE of the folks killed in the Rittenhouse case were black.

This isn't satire either. This is legitimate group think and automated response.

You also have folks on the left making excuses for the suspect. With news agencies publishing articles that allude to his mental health and labeling him a "loner". No, he's a black supremacist. He went on rants on YouTube talking about killing people. Videos YouTube has already taken down. Not so save the general public. But to ensure that any trace to the origins of this man's intentions, cease to exist on the internet and out of view of the public. You can't have the general public out there confirming the truth. That truth can only exist on whatever platform the powers that be approve of in the form of force-fed narratives.

Does it need to be stated? If this suspect was of a paler skin complexion the media would be running in circles explaining how white supremacy is the root of all problems in our country. They would be running hit pieces on gun owners and how the weapons were purchased. Had this man a certain skin color, all you would hear about is the color of his skin. The headlines would read "62-year-old white man posts racist videos online just days before going on a shooting spree in a NY Subway." Instead, they're deleting his social media presence and running cover stories for him. Just like they did with the Waukesha suspect Darryl Brooks.

Pick up your copy of the U.S Constitution today!

According to the left, only one demographic can be guilty of committing such atrocities. And anything that deters from that is unacceptable. Which is why they go out of their way to change the narrative.

And then you have the tweakers on the right who inject conspiracy theories through an IV drip line.

You can't have major news headlines without the Q cult on the right telling you how it's all a distraction and false flag operation. While the left is out here running cover, the right is out here tweaking their tin foil hats long enough to ensure you know that everything is a distraction. Nothing to see, just another false flag operation and the shooter isn't the shooter because the real shooter works for the government and there's some special race of lizard people in D.C somewhere who ordered the shooting so that their alien overlords don't punish them.

At the end of the day if you want to know why we have so many problems as a nation. Look no further than social media. And that isn't a joke. It takes 5 minutes of scrolling through any major news networks comment section to see how far down the rabbit hole people have gone in this country. And not in a good way. Everything is either a conspiracy theory, or the other side's fault. When it all reality, the false dichotomy of the 2-party system is the problem. Here in America, Americans are the punchline to their own jokes. And it's embarrassing.

Neither side can admit their faults. Neither side can admit when they are wrong. Neither side truly cares about the Constitution, although one side claims they do but turn a blind eye when their guy tramples on it. We live in a country of ignorance, because most people cannot get past their blind allegiance to elected officials. And political parties.

Pick up your copy of the U.S Constitution today!

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-The Patriot Edda-

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