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Why are the Democrats losing Latino voters at a record pace?

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

For decades now, we have seen Democrats trying to use identity politics as a kind of weapon to steer voters of particular ethnic backgrounds to their causes. This has worked for some ethnicities, but for some reason, the democrats cant seem to figure out why Latinos are leaving their causes by the millions. Lets take a look at what might be the failing ideologies of the liberal lawmakers.

We have to first look at where many of the Latinos are coming from. Most of the countries south of the United States are run by armed gangs that control much of the political structure in those regions. People in these countries experience high unemployment numbers, low wages, and high taxes. These economic situations often go hand in hand with violence as murder, rape, assault, and extortion are typical in these countries. When they flee these situations, they do not go to socialist countries, they come to the Unites States. They do not come here for handouts, as most are extremely hard workers and just want to be able to make a living for their families in a safe environment.

Once they get here, they see the difference that a capitalist system makes. They take advantage of all the opportunities our country gives them, and their dedication to working hard makes them stand out in our culture.

When you look to the news and see what the Democrats are pushing these days, it is very clear that they have lost their connection with Latino voters. Latinos came here to escape the conditions of their country. Now they see the borders opening up and allowing the same gangs that caused chaos in their countries flooding into this country. When you combine that with a message to defund the police, you have effectively shown that safety and security of the people is not your priority.

Many Latinos start out in cities that are run by democrats, and notice that they seem a lot like their home countries, with violence, high taxes, high unemployment, defunded police and no ability to defend yourself. The ones who make it out take refuge in areas that are run by Republicans, where people have jobs, they don't need to rely on the government, a community that defends the police, and you have the ability to defend what is yours.

Biden made it very clear when he said that unlike the African American community, the Latino community is very diverse in what they support. This means they are having trouble gaining Latino support for the policies they are attempting to push.

So, what can we take from the current political environment in the US that gives us an idea of where the Latinos will be casting their votes in the future? It was evident in the last election as Latinos in Texas and Florida sent a clear message to the Democrats about what they think about their policies. Democrats have been operating under the belief that if they open the borders and flood the sun belt with immigrants, they would create a stronghold in those areas for generations to come. This plan is already showing to backfire in the voting numbers, as in hot areas like Miami Dade county, Trump surged from 26% of the Latino vote in 2016, to 61% in 2020. Trump surged over 30 points in 20% of all Hispanic communities

The democrats have also turned their attention to immigrants that have come to this country illegally, and even that group is not responding to the democrats pandering the way they expected, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi holding a press conference only to be interrupted by illegal immigrants protesting her party's "lip service."

We know there were a lot of irregularities in the last election, and we are only now starting to see the evidence go to the courts, and people being prosecuted all over the country. People are being imprisoned for their roles in voter fraud cases stemming from the last election. Whatever happened in that election, we now have Biden as president, a Democrat Senate, a Democrat house, and a lesson learned for how we need to watch the electoral process a lot closer than it was in that election.

The 2022 election will be much different, and the mail in voter chaos will be much more limited. The allowance for the democrat run cities to withhold their totals until the republicans counties submit theirs will be a major issue to watch in the upcoming election. Those same irregularities will not be accepted this next election. 2022 is going to be an election to watch. Time will tell if we have corrected the chaos that happened in 2020, and the voice of the Latino will be enough to shift the tide in this country!

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