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Men in Women's Sports Part 2: The Women Respond

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

For part 2, of my coverage on this issue, we’re going to talk about female skateboarder Taylor Silverman and some other examples of why men shouldn’t compete against women.

Taylor Silverman, shown above, is a female skateboarder that made headlines recently when she took to twitter, Instagram and other social media to voice her opinion of what’s happening in her sport. “I’m Tired of being bullied into silence”, was just one of the things she said.

Taylor Silverman has competed against trans-women in 3 events. In 2 of those she placed second behind the trans-women. “I deserved to place first, be acknowledged for my win, and get paid,” she said.

Last year at the Red Bull Cornerstone competition Silverman lost to trans-woman skateboarder Lillian Gallagher, who also took a bonus $5000 for best trick. Taylor Silverman did not name Gallagher, and instead directed her comments to how people she shouldn’t be competing against are taking money out of her pocket. She talked about the unfair advantage men have over women and citing that in all 3 events she competed against a transgender skater they have taken the prize for best trick. Not surprisingly, Red Bull has declined to comment several times.

Taylor says in her interview with Piers Morgan that a lot of women are being negatively impacted by these transgender decisions. Speaking out against these decisions is becoming increasingly difficult. Taylor has experienced unbelievable harassment and hate messages as a result of speaking out on this issue.

Isn’t it interesting how the group that demands to be included are the first to attack someone that doesn’t agree with them? It’salmost cultlike isn’t it? I recently did an episode on The Boiling Point Podcast and 7 different women declined to be my guest out of fear for being targeted as a “trans-phobe”.

Here are some other examples of trans-women dominating in a women’s division. Ce-Ce Telford was a trans-women that won the 2019 track and field championship in hurdles against women. The last season he competed as a man was 2017 and he did not rank in the top 300.

Mary Gregory is a biological male that dominated a RAW Powerlifting Federation competition in 2019 where he broke 4 different world records. It wasn’t until after women competitors voiced their outrage and Joe Rogan mentioned it on an episode of his podcast did RAW revoke his win and records. They then announced the formation of a transgender division.

Terri Miller and Andrea Yearwood, both biological males, took 1st and 2nd at a high school event in Connecticut, where Miller also set an indoor record for the 55 meter dash. Following the championships that year parents circulated a petition to ban biological men from women’s sports.

While I could go on giving examples of men dominating against women, I’ll finish this part of the story with Rachel McKinnon. Rachel is a biological male that set the world record in Women’s Sprint World Championship during the fall season of 2019 in cycling. His world record of 11.649 seconds would not have even qualified him for the final race against his fellow male competitors. The lowest qualifying time among the men was 10.498 seconds, making Rachel’s world record still over 1.1 seconds slower than the last male qualifier. To make matters worse, McKinnon isn’t even a full time cyclist, he does it only part time and yet crushed women that make the sport their career.

In closing, I hope I’ve continued to show facts on why biological men shouldn’t be competing against women. Honestly what could the argument be at this point? Leave a comment and click the links to help support this page. Check out my podcast and art links below to find me and my work. Next week part 3 we are going to talk about trans-women competing against women in contact sport like MMA and UFC.

Johnathan D. Edmonds

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