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The Indoctrination of Religion and Hypocrisy. Offended while being offensive.

Updated: May 6, 2022

I plan on being highly controversial with this one. Because it never fails, there is always some evangelical trying to preach through insults.

It took me days to even consider how to approach this article. I spent countless hours deciding how I wanted to make my point known and how the message would be received. But at the end of the day, I will always remain genuine.

It is no secret that we just spent the weekend celebrating Easter. But I noticed a trend this year more than years past. The one sidedness that comes with most holidays now. In fact, the one sidedness of Christianity in the States specifically. It's no secret that I am a Norse Pagan. Will I apologize for that? Absolutely not. You’re in the wrong place if you think that will ever happen. But that is what I want to talk about.

I do not agree with the bible. In any way shape or form. But I know the scriptures well. I do not worship God nor will I ever. But I respect it. I have stories from the bible that I enjoy reading about. Not in a spiritual sense. Just because of the message some of the stories convey. They’re good stories that we could all learn a thing or two from. Paul of Tarsus is still one of my favorite stories.

Humanity and morals don’t have to be summed up into one belief or the other. I never go out of my way to insult my Christian family or friends. Even when I know what they are doing goes against biblical teachings, it just is not something that I do. As a matter of fact, I do not know a single Pagan amongst my circle that does do exactly that.

I do know this; however, Christians go out of their way to accost and ostracize anyone and everyone who does not hold their beliefs. They will even go after fellow Christians. Why am I mentioning this? Well, when provoked.

I spent the weekend honoring the old gods in my own way. My own spiritual festivities if you will. I am proud of my heritage and proud of my spirituality. I made a post on The Patriot Edda Saturday evening honoring Eostre. You would have thought that I sacrificed a lamb on live television. I immediately got phone calls and messages stating that I should include the resurrection story in my celebrations if I wanted to gain more followers. I am not here for followers to whom I cater to. This is my brand. My platform and my voice. Not yours.

Absolutely not. Nor will I ever. I will not sacrifice my integrity or insult my Gods to please someone else. Imagine if you will. If I walked into a church on Sunday morning and demanded that they include a sermon about Odin. It’s counterproductive. And an affront to personal belief.

We always talk about indoctrination in this country. What if I told you that Christians are one of the biggest perpetrators of indoctrination? Bring God back into our schools. The reason the country is in a constant state of turmoil is because we don’t honor God. It never fails. It is always evangelical Christians causing the most strife in certain political or ideological discourse. Now I am not opposed to belief. Believe what you want. But do not try to correct someone else in the process.

So, I have this to say.

One of the oldest celebrations of Easter or the Spring Equinox dates back to roughly 4000 BCE by ancient Sumerians. Multiple cultures over the course of history tell stories of rebirth and resurrection. The story of Horus. Which predates Jesus by thousands of years. Dionysus and Persephone. Rabbits and hares have been a symbol of fertility for thousands of years as well. Ever heard the phrase “fuck like rabbits.” Osterhase is a German tradition of delivering eggs in baskets to children. Romans offered eggs to Ceres. These are traditions that have always been Pagan. Until the Catholic adopted Easter in 325. Easter traditions existed long before the existence of Christianity.

Now I am not saying this to discount the celebration of the resurrection. I simply do not believe it. But don’t tell others that their traditions are wrong when your traditions are the youngest of the bunch. Never mind the fact that Jesus was buried on a Friday and resurrected 3 days later. Making the resurrection a Monday. Hares the bottom line (see what I did there). Christians go out of their way to ostracize differing beliefs, while also celebrating Pagan traditions.

How many Christians woke up on Sunday morning with baskets for their children? Filled with eggs, candy, clothes and toys. Just to pack up and go take communion at their Sunday church service. It would seem to me that if you are going to correct people on the meaning of traditions that predate yours. It would be more beneficial to also ensure you are not celebrating Pagan traditions. If you spent the day Sunday spreading the gospel at your local easter egg hunt, congratulations on being a contradiction.

This is half the problem we have as a country. This idea that your religious beliefs need to be the only acceptable beliefs. And mainstream media indoctrinates our children to only see one point of view. Not just children either. Follow the money. I spent all day Sunday going through the t.v guide on every major streaming service that I have. And I noticed a trend. Reruns of Passion of the Christ, Risen, The Chosen, and the Bible series. I did not see one major motion film that told the Pagan origins of Easter. Not one t.v show that offered the alternative and original meaning of Easter traditions. How is that not indoctrination? Rhetorical. It is.

Most of our traditions are Pagan in nature. Whether you like to hear that or not. Sunday itself is Pagan. Representing the day of the Sun. All days of the week are. But every time you google origins of our oldest traditions, they are masked by Christianity.

The bottom line is this. Worship the way that you see fit on days that you see fit. Before you go out and preach or try to correct anyone on their beliefs. Make sure that you look in a mirror first. Asking people to mask their spirituality for your comfort, is about the most liberal thing that you can do in 2022. Especially when you're trying to correct someone on their traditions while also using their traditions to celebrate your day. It's not about followers, nor is it about acceptance. It's about mutual respect. Which seems to be lost on the basic moral compass nowadays. Religion is not something that can even be debated from a factual standpoint. It all boils down to belief and faith. You cannot prove you are correct no more than anyone else. The Odinist Edda is not a fact. It's a compilation of ancient teachings and beliefs. The Bible is not a fact. It is also a compilation of ancient teachings and beliefs. The Quran is not a fact. It is a compilation of ancient teachings and beliefs. The difference comes in the form of belief.

You always hear that we should all exist in a world where we can just get along. Wrong. We do not need to exist on common ground or get along with anyone. We simply have to exist and do so together. Not everything in life needs to be a deep ideological battle. Disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing leads to wars. Ideological difference matched with hostility, leads to wars. You are not going to win favor with your neighbor by consistently insulting their way of life and ideologies. Granted certain evils exist in the world. But if you can otherwise live in relative peace with differing views. It would seem more productive to do so. Go out and preach the Gospel if you see fit. But do so in a manner that doesn't get you hemmed up. When you go out of your way to create friction and disparity, you aren't spreading anything besides conflict and hatred.

I had this conversation with a fellow America's Tribune writer, Christian and good friend of mine Kim Patterson. You can check out her latest article here.

Kim and I have been friends for years. One thing that we never do is argue over religion. In fact, her and I have had very in-depth conversations about faith. I have even offered her religious advice at times. Not Pagan advice. Scripture. Because I refuse to preach to anyone or turn them away from their faith.

During our latest conversation Kim had this to say, "As a Christian, I cannot honor any other god. Scripture is clear on my God's position on the subject. If someone asked me to do so, I'd politely decline. And if the request came from anyone familiar with my deeply held religious beliefs. I'd be insulted. You don't ask a person to disobey and disrespect their deity because you want to feel included. Honestly, why would you want a non-believer to pay lip service to your faith when you know that's all it is? Christianity isn't the only religion that frowns on insincerity."

She is right. We have got to get out of this mindset that attacking others for religious belief is the answer. In fact, it is the opposite. It's the problem. Because your religion is not the only existing religion that calls you to be faithful and honor your oaths.

Pick up your copy of The Odinist Edda today and help support The Patriot Edda!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend festivities and enjoyed the time with family. Happy Ostara to my fellow Heathens. Skal! May the Gods keep your horns and bellies filled.

-The Patriot Edda-

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