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Happy Resurrection Day!

Today is a special day that should be spent with family and friendsnot online. So I'll keep this message short. I'm not going to talk about Jesus directly. Instead, I want to tell you about my niece, Knoxley. She's a 4th-grader who recently shared her testimony at an FCA meeting.

With a raw honesty that most adults lack, she began by admitting that her original profession of faith (at the age of 7) was driven by peer pressure. I think it happens that way for many kids who grow up active in their church. One hand goes up, and the others follow suit. But she knew in her heart that it wasn't real; the time wasn't right.

Two years passed before she felt the true call at a church camp. But, unfortunately, societal pressure was an issue again, just in a different way. "I could just really feel God speaking to me, but I just kind of pushed it away; I was a little embarrassed," Knoxley said.

A few months later, she was at an FCA camp, and it all came together. She "[felt] that prayer sinking into her heart." That day, she told her camp counselors and parents. The next Sunday, she made a public profession of faith at church. Knoxley said, "It was one of the best feelings of my life."

Since then, she's been able to pray with several of her friends when they felt God's call on their hearts. And now, her public testimony is encouraging others. How many adults proclaim the gospel as boldly and exhibit that kind of love for both Jesus and their friends?

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Luke 18:17

If we genuinely believe that the tomb was empty, we should all be about the business of sharing our good news with the world. To do anything less is to say that we're ashamed of our Savior and don't love Him enough to follow His commands. If you're worried about finding the right words or what people will think, don't be. Tell your own story, honestly and from the heart. I hope you'll spend what's left of the day making sure that you spread the word: He is risen!

"I'm not perfect, but I have to remember I'm on Earth to represent the Lord." - Knoxley, age 10


Kim is a Christian and a writer. She works for a nonprofit and has two grown children, five dogs, a cat, assorted reptiles, and even a few spiders. Contact her at:

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