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White House Releases 11 Page Fact Sheet on President Biden's FY2023 Funding Proposal. And it's bad.

Updated: May 8, 2022

The Biden Administration rolled out its new FY2023 Budget proposal on Monday March 28th, 2022. And it is worse than you could possibly imagine. The actual budget proposal is over 150+ pages long. But the White House released an 11-page fact sheet which you can view at this link.

The fact sheet opens up by stating that the Biden administration created more that 6.5 million jobs in 2021. But what they won't tell you is the number of those jobs that were simply people returning to work after mask mandates and covid restrictions. How many people were forced to work from home or lost their jobs as a result?

You can already see above that the unemployment rates were already in a downward trend. Pre-COVID, the unemployment rate was already at 3.6%. In 2021 it jumped substantially to 6.7%. The following year in 2021 it went back down to 3.9% as a result of people returning to work post mandates. You can't claim that you created jobs because you lifted mandates and sent people back to work.

They also state that the economy grew 5.7% and the deficit fell by $300 billion.

What they won't tell you is that the deficit to GDP growth ratio was at its highest since 1945. As pictured above. And that the only reason 2021 saw a GDP growth rate was due to the fact that the National GDP Growth rate was at -3.49% during mandates and lockdowns. The largest annual change was in 2020 since 1983. As pictured below.

The fact sheet claims that the Biden Administration projects the deficit in 2022 will be more than $1.3 trillion lower than the previous year. Which is an easy feat to accomplish when you print 80% of the money in existence within the last 2 years. That is not a conspiracy theory either. You can see the chart below.

The White House fact sheet also claims that the Biden Administration has seen the strongest economic growth in four decades, thanks to the American Rescue plan. Well, the data above debunks the idea that the economy is strong. But let's not forget that the United States in $30 trillion in debt.

What the American Rescue plan did was put the U.S economy in a position where we are experiencing the highest inflation rates since 1978.

The Biden Administration plan to fund this budget involves fixing tax codes to ensure that corporations and wealthy people pay taxes that they already owe and close loopholes they "exploit". Loopholes that congress and elected officials created in the first place. The budget specifically targets the wealthy and major corporations in order to fund it. Everything in this bill is expected to be paid for by major corporations and wealthy individuals. Punishing sucess seems hardly proactive. They also state the plan proposes significant new investments in proven strategies to reduce gun crimes.

The plan is to fund over half of the budget by taxing the top 1%. As they quote in the fact sheet. "This minimum tax would apply only to the wealthiest 0.01 percent of households—those with more than $100 million—and over half the revenue would come from billionaires alone." Which also includes increasing rates on corporations for their profits to 28%. That is not counting the proposed 95% tax rate that Bernie Sanders introduced on the 25th of March. Which was covered in the following article.

There is also a portion of the fact sheet that talks about encouraging other nations to apply a global minimum tax on corporations that operate overseas. The founding fathers surely intended the Federal Government to suggest and impose a global tax when they ratified the Constitution in 1788. The point of the global tax is to also encourage a penalty for shipping jobs overseas. While implementing taxes that will encourage businesses to ship their business dealings overseas. This is just a ploy by the Biden Administration to over tax the wealthy and major corporations to fund social programs. And penalize them for moving their business overseas.

Pick up a copy of the United States Constitution today!

The proposed budget would also cut the cost of prescription drugs (which isn't a bad thing), healthcare premiums (which Obamacare created), childcare, long term care, housing and college.

It will also reduce energy costs by combating climate change and accelerating the transition to clean energy. Like the United States is not already in an energy crisis and experiencing high gas prices. But many outlets and social media threads will have you believe that the President's polices don't affect the cost of gas prices. Programs like this will do exactly that by proxy due to supply and demand.

They also propose free college for every American citizen for 2 years. At the expense of over taxing the wealthy and major corporations.

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This is where the fact sheet starts to contradict itself. Which should surprise no one.

The budget allocates $3.2 billion in State and local grants to for law enforcement and hiring more police. it also provides for $30 billion in mandatory resources. The budget also provides $1.7 billion to the ATF in order to expand jurisdiction on gun trafficking strike forces and increases regulation on the firearms industry. You read that correctly. They plan on funding the ATF to increase regulation on firearms manufacturers and companies.

They stated that they would fund hiring more police. Maybe that is due to the fact that the defund the police movement failed miserably and crime rates skyrocketed. But they go on to state that they plan on pledging $367 million to the Department of Justice to strengthen Civil Rights, reform the prosecution of hate crimes, enforcement of voting rights and what they call equitable access to justice. Maybe their plan is to be harsher on people like Jussie Smollett. But they also pledge to provide $106 million for body cams.

$50 billion four housing and construction of section 8 government housing is also covered in the fact sheet. They also propose a total of $200 million for solar manufacturing in order to build domestic capacity in solar energy.

A proposal for $303 million to expand Registered Apprenticeship Programs with emphasis on increasing access for people of color and women.

This next section covers funds that the American people will never see the benefit of.

Restoring American Leadership and Confronting Global Threats.

They propose $6.9 billion for the European Deterrence Initiative and NATO to counter Russian aggression in Ukraine. They also pledge $1.8 billion to the State Department for the Pacific Region and $400 million for countering China. And $1 billion to the State Department to counter Russian influence. The State Department just got appropriated over $2 billion funds in the Ukrainian Aid package. And now they are allocating another $3 billion for the same reason.

The Department of Defense would receive $773 billion to counter China. Again, the Department of Defense made up for roughly $10 billion of the Ukranian Aid Package. Which was covered in 2 other articles on America's Tribune. Which you can read below.

The proposed budget will also fund contributions to the United Nations and pay UN Peacekeeping dues. But the most troubling portion of the funds allocated to go overseas, is the $1.4 proposed investment for the World Banks International Development Association (IDA). The Biden Administration quotes that "This investment restores the United States’ historical role as the largest World Bank donor to support the development of low-and middle-income countries". As seen below.

As seen above, it also proposes $2.6 billion to advance gender equity and equality across the globe. While also allocating $200 million for the Gender Equity an Equality Action Fund. They also plan to pledge $10.6 billion dollars to fund global health. But the next portion in regard to health is quite alarming.

This portion of the fact sheet allocates $81.7 billion dollars to the Department of Health and Human Services over 5 years to prepare for future pandemics. What kind of pandemics does the Biden Administration plan on facing that would require $81.7 billion dollars? This section also allocates $9.9 billion to the CDC for vaccine programs for future outbreaks. Vaccine programs for what future outbreaks? How do you develop a vaccine for an outbreak that hasn't happened yet? Do they know something that we do not?

And of course. They had to throw their climate control agenda into the proposed budget.

The Biden Administration proposes $3.3 billion to support clean energy, $502 million to weatherize low-income homes, $260 to support energy efficiency to USDA-assisted multifamily homes, and $18 billion for climate resilience and adaptation programs across the federal government. They also pledge to allocate $1.45 billion to bolster the EPA's environmental justice efforts.

But this is the most troubling in terms of their proposals regarding climate change. Not that the entire section doesn't warrant a conversation.

They pledge $11 billion dollars in tax funds for international climate finance. To accelerate global energy transition to net zero emissions by 2050. Why do we send so much money overseas when American citizens do not see the benefits of these programs? These funds would be better suited to help the American people. On programs like energy independence and rebuilding the American infrastructure/improving it. What about our homeless veterans? Or maybe reforming the VA Medical care system. Instead, we are funding global climate change. With funds that they claim will help developing countries combat climate change. This also includes giving $1.6 billion for the Green Climate Fund and $3.2 billion loan to the Clean Technology Fund. In order to fund clean energy projects in developing countries.

The final portions of the fact sheet are just as troubling.

$1 billion to fund and increase the number of school counselors, psychologists and social workers. With emphasis on areas that disproportionately serve students of color. And another $9.1 billion in mandatory funding for Indian Health Services.

As if the 2020 election wasn't controversial and nefarious enough. They want to allocate $10 billion to the new election assistance funding. Which will allocate $1 billion a year for 10 years.

In what they call "Protect our Elections and the Right to Vote, and final portion of the fact sheet. They pledge the $10 billion to fund the U.S postal service to expand mail in voting.

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This fact sheet was only 11 pages long. And it has more than enough content to cause alarm in regard to the proposed FY2023 budget. The actual budget proposal is over 150+ pages long. Which really makes one wonder what is in it. And what other nefarious schemes the Biden Administration plans to come with. Funding gender equality overseas. International climate control. Funding the ATF to go after gun manufacturers. Sending the UN and NATO more money from American taxpayers. At what point do we start to hold our elected official accountable on both sides of the aisle? We are a nation that is $30 trillion in debt. And here we are handing out money on the hopes that we can tax the very corporations and business owners that create jobs and tax revenue, so that they can fund it. People need to start waking up.

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