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Additional Aid to Ukraine or Money Laundering?

At what point do we start to hold our elected officials accountable? Time and time again we have in depth conversations about the nefarious nature of our legislative body. Nothing is ever done about it because all we do is talk about it.

The first Ukrainian supplemental appropriations act was passed on March 10th just 2 months ago. In that bill they stated that it would cover $13.6 billion but the bill actually cost the taxpayer closer to $16 billion. Over half of that bill went to the Department of Defense. $10 billion dollars to be exact. It also covered DOJ salaries, Attorney salaries, FBI salaries, Department of Commerce salaries, Treasury salaries, Office of Terrorism Salaries, and State Department Salaries. In that bill they spent $25 million to fund global media amongst other things. I covered the first bill in depth here on America's Tribune and across social media. You can check out the 2 articles below.

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H.R 7691 Additional Aid to Ukraine

The bill passed the House on May 10th with a 368-57 vote and only 57 representatives voted against the bill, all Republican. This means that 154 Republicans voted in favor of it. The bill is 30 pages long and will cost the American taxpayer $40 billion dollars, $39.568 billion to be exact. Almost half of the funding goes to President Biden ($17.131 billion) to shift and appropriate in any manner he chooses. While using placeholder to fill the contents of the bill. These bills are a rabbit hole by default. That, however, does not distract from the content of the bill. It is common knowledge that these bills will be replaced with provisions in the future utilizing future legislation and fund shifting.

So, let’s break down the contents of the bill and see where all the money is going.

Department of Justice (page 2)

  • $67 million-salaries and expenses (may be merged with other accounts)

  • Spent $30 million in the first one

  • $97 million total in two months

Department of Defense (page 3)

Personnel (page 4)

  • Army $12.75 million

  • Navy $37,500

  • Marines $675,000

  • Air Force $1.59 million

Operations and Maintenance (page 4)

  • Army $1.494 billion rounded up

  • Navy $939.779 million

  • Air Force $195.262 million

  • Space Force $800,000

  • Additional Funds $14.953 billion rounded down

Procurement (page 6)

  • Army (Missiles) $350.970 million

  • Army (Vehicles) $255,000

  • Army (Ammunition) $45,000

  • Army (Other) $1.25 million

  • Navy (Other) $1.25 million

  • Air Force (Aircraft) $155.382 million

  • Defense-Wide $24.218 million

  • Defense Production Act Purchases $600 million

Research and Development

  • Army $128.700 million

  • Navy $43 million

  • Air Force $119.815 million

  • Defense-Wide $72.103 million

Revolving and Management Funds

Defense Working Capital (page 9)

  • $965,000

Defense Health Program (U.S Bio Labs?)

  • $13.9 million

General Provisions (page 9)

  • Missile Procurement $500 million

  • Additional DOD Research and Development funding $50 million

Spent close to $10 Billion on the first one

Total spending in new bill $19.747 billion rounded down

$29.747 billion spent in 2 months on The Department of Defense

This makes up for more than half of the entire budget proposal in the same manner that it made up more than half of the first budget proposal.

-Keep in mind that the President also receives $17.131 billion in this budget proposal as well which we will end up covering-

Independent Agencies

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (page 13)

  • $2 million

Department of Health and Human Services


  • $54 Million-CDC wide activities and Programs

  • What does the CDC have to do with Ukrainian Aid?

Administration for Families

Refugee Assistance

  • $900 Million (Administration for Families)

  • $350 Million (Department of State refugee assistance)

Total spending on refugee assistance in the additional support package is $1.25 billion

Total spending on refugee assistance in two months is $2.65 billion

Department of State (page 18)

Diplomatic Programs

  • $190 million

Capital Investment Fund

  • $10 million

Inspector General (State Department)

  • $4 million

Additional Operating Expenses

  • $17 million

Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance

  • $4 million

$225 million in new spending in the additional support package

Keep in mind that they also allocated $25 million through the State Department in the first aid package to fund GLOBAL MEDIA through the Inspector General. And also spent $150 million on salaries in expenses for the State Department in the first package.

Total State Department Spending in 2 months on Ukraine Aid $400 million

Pick up your copy of the U.S Constitution today and help support The Patriot Edda!

President of the United States (page 19)

Operating expenses

  • $17 million

Bilateral Economic Expenses International Disaster Assistance

  • $4.34 billion

Economic Support Fund

  • $8.766 billion

Foreign Military Funding

  • $4 billion

Total spending for the President in the additional support package is $17.131 billion

This would bring the total to $20.453 in the last 2 months including the first Ukrainian Aid package.

International Security Assistance (page 21)

Also part of the State Department but I chose to separate it

Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement

  • $400 million


  • $100 Million

$500 million total in the additional support package

$600.6 million total spent in the last 2 months adding the funds from the first aid package

European Bank (page 22)

  • $500 million

Keep in mind that the FY2023 budget proposal also discusses funding foreign banks. Which I also covered on Spotify. YouTube and America’s Tribune

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program

  • $150 million

  • $20 million (Secretary of Agriculture page 28)

$170 million total spending for the additional support package

Keep in mind that in the first aid package $100 million went towards “Food for Peace” between the 2 bills $270 million was spent in 2 months.

Department of Treasury

  • $52 million

$52 total spending in the additional support package

Keep in mind that they allocated $17 million for salaries in the first aid package

$69 million in two months adding the first aid package

Anne Garland Walton (page 29)

  • $174,000

Who is Anne Garland Walton and why is she getting $174,000 in a bill designated for Ukrainian Aid? What does this have to do with Ukrainian Aid?

Anne Garland Walton is the wife of deceased politician Don Young.

Don Young represented Alaska for 49 years beginning in 1973.

Keep in mind that this bill contains placeholder lines. These funds are going to be shifted and reallocated in the future in another bill and will never be able to be tracked. These bills do not mention where the funding will come from. Nor provide a source for accountability regarding the funds. Why are we even spending $40 billion that we do not have? Where is the money coming from when we are close to $30 trillion in debt? How is this not considered money laundering?

The most important point to make regarding this bill is the fact that we do not have $40 billion to send overseas. When our own economy is struggling, and inflation is at an all-time high. We are close to $30 trillion in debt and that debt is growing each day and with the passing of each bill. So, while you are wondering why your grocery bill has gone up so much, ask why $40 billion is being sent to Ukraine and not into the economy.

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